Sunday, August 14, 2011

The End of the Hallway

I love picking out paint.  If you want the perfect shade of anything, I'm your girl.  I rarely need a color sample, and I can pick out exactly what I want on the first try, almost without fail.  And then-- get this-- I like doing the painting.  Sick, right?

But I don't like accessorizing.  I have plenty of cute little things, most of which sits in piles or boxes.  It leaves our house easier to dust, but maybe a little impersonal.  Take this hallway, for instance.

No biggie.  But pretty boring.

Hanging up is a pretty Georgia O'Keeffe poster, and below it an antique pickling jar I bought when I was about ten years old, and have lugged all over the country since then.

This afternoon, I started wondering if I could fit this table at the end of the hallway.  It was Cabbage's mom's table originally, but it's been in our mud room for a year or so.  Recently, Annie decided to make it a chew toy.  She's self-employed, you know.

See the chew marks on the lower right-hand side? 

Annie's such a butthead.

Clearly it was time for the table to move, so here we go... 

Not bad.  But it needs accessories.

Oh, lordie.  Accessories are not my strength.  But when in doubt, try a cow skull.  I think that's what Martha says.

Slightly off-center.  I like it.  What else?  Candles?  Whatever it is, it needs to be pretty sturdy. 

Ummm... Ok.  Sure.

I've always liked those candles.  I made them years ago, and they've been tucked away.  Good to see you again.

Looking better.  Yes?

I'm sure someone would say this needs texture.  I do.

Wait a minute.  Am I trying to decorate? 

Yes.  I added branches.  Definitely trying to decorate.


I think it looks ok, don't you?  I'm pondering adding some big art books stacked under the candles.  What do you think?  What else would you add?  Would you cut the branches shorter?  Nix the candles?  Add a big wooden bowl?  I think I'm getting a migraine.  It's what happens when I try to play Suzie Designer instead of Katie Horse Dork.

Help me.


Not Martha

1 comment:

  1. I'd suggest a little more visual depth. Here are a couple ideas. Let me know what you think!

    1. Keep the candles, and instead of arranging them in a straight line try staggering them with the papa bear and mama bear candles side-by-side with the baby bear candle in front

    2. Add some more diagonal lines by tilting the branches against the corner of the walls (if they'll remain standing)

    3. Move the skull about 6" to the right so it's not aligned with the drawer handle

    4. This might take the addition of a lower shelf, but perhaps add a folded blanket to the lower rungs of the table


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