Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kitchen Baskets

We have a weird set of shelves at the end of our kitchen counter.  They're an awkward size, not adjustable, and I never could figure out how to use them.  

Earlier this summer, I solved the mystery.  It's a good thing, too.  It was keeping me up at night.

Not really.

But I do like my solution.  I found these red baskets at Target for about $7 each.

Now, behold their versatility.

The top basket holds scorpion tongs.  You heard me.  

It's true.  The best way to catch a scorpion is with a pair of tongs.  And yes, sometimes I think about my life and shake my head.  Hence the MNS. 

On to less vomit-worthy subjects. 

The middle basket is meant for Beep to enjoy, so it holds baby toys.  Whichever toys are closest when I pick up at the end of the day go in the basket.  There's no rhyme or reason to it, and this highly scientific approach makes for a great discovery for my baby the next day.  She finds endless possibilities in the basket. 

The bottom basket is also meant for Beep.  Often, it holds toys. 

Occasionally it holds a small, bald baby.

At the end of the day, empty of toys, the baskets remain on the floor in the background.  They've done their job: the baby has been kept happy while the mama has cooked dinner, and they await a return trip to their respective shelves once again filled with toys.

What's your version of the red baskets in your house?


  1. OMG I love that baby!!! Nanny

  2. We have lots of dirty boots and flip flops around here, plus sunscreen and rolled up towels for the pool, hats, you name it. So at the kitchen door I keep 2 giant wicker baskets I once found at a country auction or something, and we try to stash our "transition" items there. Helps minimize dirt tracking through the hosue and we always know we have a beach towel, etc, ready for the outdoors. ADORABLE baby!! xoxo

  3. That's a great idea, Green Goose! I love hearing how people solve those everyday issues. you know, because I'm so very good at it myself. It only took me four years to come up with (wait for it) baskets.

  4. I love how Beep still fits in a shoe box. Itty bitty!

    My version of red baskets would be the hooks on the outside of my front closet and the smaller set beside the door. House and car keys always get put away properly because it's easy. My purse, beach bag and towel, dog leashes, and scarf/sweater/raincoat all have a proper home. Between the two, and hanging at eye level, is a small Ikea wall-mount bin with compartments for my cell phone charger, a pair of scissors and tape, notepads and pens, etc.

    Having these systems just inside the front door ensures the entry of my home doesn't get cluttered (often) and helps subliminally remind me that the rest of the place should remain tidy, too.


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