Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Junior has a long, luxuriant forelock.  It is so pretty and elegant.

Sam, not so much.

I'm really glad his eye is better, but what is going on with that forelock?

I mean, seriously.

It's not really a forelock.  It's more of a wisp.  Like the hair on a troll doll.

And it's not as if there's any shortage of hair on this horse.  Check out his mane.  The right side doesn't look too bad...

...Until you see the other side.

Usually, if a horse's mane spilled on both sides like this, the owner would braid or rubber band the horse's mane over to the correct side (because Sam is ridden English, his should be on the right side).  Eventually, the hair would be trained to lay over in a calm, civilized manner.

In this case, fuhgeddaboutit.  Won't work.  Tried. 
Sam's Owner

Anyway, here's the whole mane.  Pretty thick, long, and just barely humoring me (for purposes of this photo) by lying on the right side.

On the other end of the spectrum, more bad news.  His tail is long, but not thick.  Oh, and don't forget that he's rubbed out a big bald spot near the top. 

Nice, Sam.  Good thing everything in between is so very pretty.

Outside, and the wild mane is outta control again.  But you know, I like it that way.  It's part of Sam's image.

Extra carrots for you, Samuel.  Don't change a thing.

(except maybe the rub spot on your tail)


  1. Love the variations in your horse styles, they all seem to have great personalities! I have one gelding with the longest, thickest mane & tail you ever saw, we cannot keep it trimmed it seems, and a mare whose hair is just recovering from pregnancy. All beautiful though. xoxo

  2. Do horses get baby bangs? Interesting... I wish we had a horse with a beautiful tail like yours! Just yesterday Junior was letting one of our mares chew on his tail. They're ridiculous!


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