Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Good Ride

I love unassuming pictures that tell simple stories well.

Like this one:

A well-worn saddle.
Stirrup run up.
A sweaty horse.
Loosened girth.
Morning sun angling.

The ride is over, the horse is quiet.  It's mid-morning.  The horse is rewarded with rest and a loose saddle.  About to walk back to the barn for untacking, unwrapping, and a cool bath.  A few minutes spent grazing.  The tack will be wiped down, the horse put away in front of fans, water, and a well-deserved snack.  Then, the rider will take off her gear- unzip the chaps, take off the helmet and wipe her brow, float the sweaty shirt out, and get a drink of her own.

A good ride on a great horse.

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