Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rings: They're Not Just For Fingers.

It's feeding time at Cabbage Ranch.

Have you ever seen a hay ring?  This is ours.

It holds a big round bale of hay for the mares to eat.  It's more economical to purchase hay in large round bales, and a hay ring contains the big roll and keeps the hay edible.  The horses can eat as much as they want, but can't drag the hay around and waste it.   

It also keeps our nasty horses from peeing on their hay, which they'll do if given half a chance.

Don't pretend you won't, Goldie.  We've seen your true colors.

Anyway, back to the hay ring.

Not to be confused with a cactus ring.

Sometimes Cabbage finds it necessary to provide Beep with a complete tactile experience.  In this case, he felt it was important to her growth and development to sit in the hay ring. 

What was that I was saying about keeping the hay edible?

Beep, this is a hay ring.  Remember our talk about feeding the horses?

Good job, Beep! 

The thing about hay rings is: there's no good exit strategy for people. 

Beep and I laughed and pointed watched from the sidelines for a minute before we gave him a hand.  Smooth, Cabbage.  Real smooth.

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