Thursday, August 18, 2011

Black Bean Burgers Don't Taste Like Meat

You guys.

Beans are not meat.

They are beans.

Ergo... if you should try a black bean burger, do NOT expect it to taste like beef.  Ummmkay?  Good.  What a black bean burger should taste like is earthy, hearty, savory, textured, and- in a word- belovelylicious.

[That's right.  I made up a word.  It's my party and I can make stuff up if I want to.]
Which brings me to my point: this is the best black bean burger I've ever had.  I'm talkin' Black Bean Burger with Lime Cilantro Mayo.

Whoa, buddy.

I won't bore you with any more of my bad food photos, because you can get beautiful photos from the recipe itself.

Trust me, though.  The patties are incredibly moist, hearty, and full of rich and bright flavors.  Delicious! 

I substituted cooked quinoa for breadcrumbs, because we had some left over, and because it's more nutritious.  The quinoa worked well, and I'd imagine you could substitute rice or any other similar grain, but be aware of the moisture content that adds (as opposed to dry breadcrumbs).  The recipe made huge patties so I downsized them a little, got two extra patties out of the recipe, and we still opted out of buns.  Didn't need em.

Go forth and try these black bean patties.  They're approved by cowboys and toddlers, and I'm sure you're gonna love em too.

Just don't expect them to be meat.  You wouldn't do that to a PB&J, right?

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