Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Annie: Self Employed

This is Annie.  Isn't she cute?

She is our 5 month old Border Collie puppy, and we just love her.  Annie is beyond sweet with Beep.

Annie's energy and youth has been good for Georgie, my beloved, beautiful, cherished (and aging) constant companion.

Annie loves to play, and Beep and I throw a frisbee for her every night.

She's a great dog...   Except.  She's 5 months old.  And she's a Border Collie, which means her mind never stops.  She wants a job- all the time- and if we fall short/get sidetracked/get busy with non-Annie-related things and don't give her a task... well then, the enterprising young pup just assigns them herself. 

Like this: Repurposing the rosebush.

Now it's a chewtoy/throwing stick.

And this: Weeding the flowerbed.

With no distinction between flowers and weeds.

...And this: Multitasking
I'm guessing Annie's project management went like this:
A) Carry can over (after digging out of pasture) and deposit in front of house
B) Dig nice comfy soft, cool dirt hole to lie in
C) Spread dirt to enhance cool lounging experience
D) Bring over rope at some point for undetermined future use

And finally, her masterpiece:

She has been very busy.

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