Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Lazy Day Off

It's not often that we are lazy on a Saturday, but today is one of those rare days.  We didn't sleep in, you know- because we have a toddler- but we did all take a nap this morning.  There are no chores being done, other than taking care of animals, and no errands getting accomplished.  The to-do list has been not only set aside, but disowned, thrown away, and incinerated.

What derailed our usual task list of chores?  My baby has an ear infection.  She is a little under the weather, a little droopy, and a little fussy sometimes.  Plus, last night as I was working late, Cabbage called me to tell me Beep had a rash.  To that, I said "Oh!  She's having an allergic reaction to the amoxycillin." 

Reactions to antibiotics can be very dangerous, but fortunately our pediatrician reassured Cabbage that based on his description, she was fine.  We were told the rash would likely keep spreading (and it has), but it's not dangerous and she can continue taking the antibiotic.

It was time for a hiatus.  We cleared our Saturday schedule.

We did try to grab a quick lunch at Chipotle.  I say "try" because it lasted about five minutes.  By the time Beep had eaten a few mouthfuls, she deemed herself done with lunch and done with Chipotle.  Lunch out = Fail.  We took the rest of our lunch to go, and headed to the barn to take care of Sam.

Beep wanted her mama, so I was on baby duty...

...and Cabbage took care of Sam.  The heat dictated the need for a cooling bath.  We all know Sammy loves his baths, but the facewashing not so much.  He's a big horse, and anytime he wants to, he takes full advantage of his height. 

 Rinsing out the mouth is ok.

Everything else is golden.  See those relaxed ears?  That's horse speak for Yes, please.

A lesson from Sam: Stop and smell the wash rack plants.

A little (drought-ravaged) grass slightly improved by proximity to the wash rack was too tempting to pass up, so there was a valiant attempt at grazing despite the 100 degree temperature.  Thank you, Cabbage, for taking such great care of my horse.

I love this baby.  She's so tough it's sometimes hard to tell when she's sick, and even when she's in the throes of it, she wants to play at the barn.

Testing the direction of the wind???

Let's take a moment to note the abundant blonde hair!  Ok, maybe calling it abundant is a stretch, but it's hair.  And it's there.

Bows and pigtails, here we come.  Maybe not tomorrow, but certainly by this time next year.  Or by kindergarten.

Meanwhile, Sam is headed back into the shade of the barn: out of the worst of the heat. Sanctuary!  Please give us sanctuary! 

The open-air design of this barn includes gaps between the stalls, dutch doors to the outside, and half-door fronts, which helps keep it cooler during the summer months.  Cuz, you know, it's a tad warm here on the surface of the sun.

Two big fans don't hurt, either.  Sam likes getting his hair blown back.  Rad, man. 

Imagine what he'd do if he could ride a motorcycle. 

It's time to go.  Beep knows we always double check the stall closed and latched.

Bye bye, Sam.  Have a good afternoon and a lazy day off.  We're going to do the same.

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