Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things Heard In Our House Tonight, Revisited

I seriously hate it when people say Chipol-TE.  It's Chipot-LE.  And she's a chef!  That just makes me angry.

That toad scared the crap outta me.  You know, because I thought it was a snake.

This is your best pizza ever.
Thanks, I like it, too.  I guess it helps when I follow the recipe.

Beep, my left arm is about to fall off.  At least I think it is- it's actually pretty numb from holding you all night.

Feed the deer, Baby.

Are you cutting Mama's toenails?  What a nice baby.

Remember that guy we met a few years ago on the porch at that place?  He's dead now.

How come the very horse we just saved by spending THOUSANDS of dollars on gut surgery is the one eating tree bark?

I think that woman was on the verge of robbing me.  Don't worry, though- I was ready to knock her out.

I'm headed for the shower.  I'm so gross I'm taking a dobie pad instead of a washcloth.

I can't tell what kind of snake it is.  It's like I can't get the sleep outta my eyes.
Maybe you need to clean your glasses.

Moremoremoremore cheese.  Please. ["more" and "please" in sign language]

Night, sweet baby.  Call me if you need me. 
Mama loves you.


  1. Hilarious!! Love reading this stuff competely OUT of context. LOL Found you through PW blog. Will be back for more giggles.

  2. Thanks! When taken out of context, we're just... weird. Glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait to visit your blog!

  3. Katie, did the Pioneer Woman pick up on your blog?!? Big time!

    I love this snapshot of an evening with your family. This blog helps me stay close to you and my niece and brother-in-law, which is pretty dang awesome.


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