Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Inhumanity of Bibs

From time to time, my mother sends a package for Beep- something she thinks will be useful or beautiful, and her gifts are always appreciated. 

Recently, she stumbled across what we always called a pelican bib.  A favorite of hers when we were small, these bibs are plastic with a deep fold at the bottom to catch the mess.  They contain an unbelievable amount of food, and allow babies to not only eat, but learn to eat messy things on their own (like soup) without enslaving mama to a lifetime of stainfighting.  They're an engineering marvel.  Mothers should light candles to their inventor.

The problem is, they only work if the baby will actually wear them.  And Beep doesn't like bibs.

So here's how this went down.

My mother's package of bibs was opened, and Beep pointed and smiled, played with the package, and ooohed and aaahed.

This is great, she seemed to say.  Is it a purse I can carry?  Or a book to look at?

No, baby.  It's a bib to wear.... Like this.  Try it on.

After a moment, the lightbulb went on...

So much for that good idea.

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  1. Grammy is laughing - a lot!!! You didn't say anything about the tomato soup which is probably still on the crystal chandelier after a sweet baby named Katie arched her back, catching the bib on the molded underside of the tray and flinging soup from the pelican bib pocket over all the Thanksgiving diners! (One of my favorite kid stories)


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