Monday, August 29, 2011

The Junior Chronicles: Part 16

Your friendly neighborhood spazoid (Junior) is still on stall rest.  He's been on a slow-release sedative to keep his energy contained while his body keeps healing from surgery... but that doesn't mean he's cooperating.

Like a few days ago, when Cabbage looked up from his home office window to see Junior whizzing past the window.

Evidently Junior thought he needed to a change of scenery.

No worries, though- our place is fully perimeter fenced, so there wasn't any real danger.  Plus, as Cabbage said, It was his lunchtime so he wasn't too hard to catch.

Anyway, we thought we'd give him a little more square footage and the ability to see the mares better for some companionship, so last weekend we extended his stall about twelve more feet.  Since then, he's been enjoying baking in the sunshine.  Vitamin D: it's what's for dinner.

Junior is only four years old, and his insatiable curiosity is in full force.  Instead of pictures showing how well he's recovering, I have plenty of close-ups of his nose.

Junior has a pretty sweet setup.  It's not fancy, but from a horse's point of view this stall could be on the equine version of Cribs.

And in the middle of all that, in case you need a closer look, is the heir apparent. 


I think that's horse-speak for Nanny nanny boo boo.

Nice, Junior.

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  1. And people say animals (our 4 legged kids) have no sense of humor, or personality. I think Junior just proved them wrong! Glad he's back on the road to recovery and spoiling at Cabbage Ranch. :)


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