Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Junior Chronicles: Part 14

Junior has settled into a new routine at home very nicely.  And by nicely, I mean loudly.  He calls to the mares constantly...  As in, methinks the horse doth protest too much.  As in, we received a call from a neighbor yesterday wondering if we'd separated our mares.

That's horse-neighbor talk for your horse needs to shut its yapper.

But she was very nice about it.  Thank you, nice neighbor!

Junior is eating well, feeling better, and obviously wanting more to do.  Unfortunately for him (and our neighbors), he is on stall rest for another week and a half or so.

Cabbage tends his incision site, which is still draining.  Drainage is good, or at least better than if it were trapped inside creating an infection.

Trust me when I say treating a post-surgery colt is not for the inexperienced.  Cabbage has to clean the belly with a betadine solution (the reddish stuff in the photo below isn't blood, it's the sterilizing solution).

This shows Junior standing quietly. 

And here he is, trying to kick Cabbage's head off.

Fortunately for Junior, Cabbage doesn't hold a grudge, and next up is a little diversion in the form of a bath.

And some exercise.  Walk Junior, Beep.

Up and down the driveway a few times...

While Beep makes sure Daddy's taking good care of Dju-Dja. (that's Junior, in Beep-speak)

And then Junior goes back in his stall, where he will enjoy his fans, his hay, and have plenty of opportunity to contemplate the meaning of life and how best to disturb the neighborhood peace.

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