Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Party Girl

Last weekend we went to a little boy's birthday party at a neighborhood pool.  Little kids' parties are best enjoyed as a kid, by parents, and/or with cocktails.  Fortunately, since we've had Beep, we've rediscovered the hilarity of watching a bunch of kids sugar-seek like crack addicts.   

Beep didn't really want lunch, or cake, or interaction with humankind.  All she wanted was to carry around a bunch of balloons.

Eventually, Cabbage dragged her away from her balloons... and got her in the pool despite her protests.    


Gleefully shrieking and learning how to paddle...

A pensive stare...  Is she peeing?  (I'm not really sure what swim diapers are supposed to do, btw.  If you could tell me, I'd appreciate it.)

Frog-kicking takes concentration.


And our favorite sport: baby-tossing!

It had been a while since we tormented our kid with Baby Tricks, so we forced her to wear a party hat.  She was pretty happy about it. 

I firmly believe every kid should provide parental amusement.

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