Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And For My Next Act I Shall Attempt to Do This One Better

I didn't sleep well last night.  I was sleepy just before bedtime, then couldn't actually get to sleep until after midnight.  Tonight, I need to get more rest. 

My run this morning was ok, but needed to be a little longer, and a little faster.  Next time, I'll push harder.

I packed balanced meals for both Beep and me, and I did actually get them packaged in a respectable way.  I did not have this done last night, when I should have.  So...

...I was running late to get out the door.  What else is new?  Beep and I were late to the babysitter's, and I was a few minutes late to work.  I have got to fix that.

Today, I am clearing things off my desk, but it could be more.  I'll keep adding to my task list, and hopefully I'll stay on track.

My food choices today have been pretty good, but can always be better.  I should eat some kale or nutritional yeast or something.  My caffeine consumption is under control, but it's not at zero.  I need a Diet Coke.

As for my outfit, I have to say meh.  It's clothing.  One of these days I should take more interest/spend more time/iron something.

After work, I'll pick up Beep and wonder how I survived those 9 hours without her.  I'll have to do it again tomorrow.

I'll use the drive home to make a long overdue call to some long-neglected person, whom I'll talk to in between negotiating rush hour traffic and saying Hang on, I need to feed Beep some more Cheerios.  I'll hang up in a rush, with that person asking me to not wait so long to call next time.  I'll work on that. 

When I see Sam tonight, I know I will want to ride but it'll be too hot, and too late, by then.  I should have ridden harder last weekend.

Home will be semi-messy and semi-clean, and I will surely wish it looked more like a magazine.  Hopefully I'll be struck by a sudden fit of cleaning motivation. 

I'll do laundry, we'll cook dinner and tackle the dishes.  I'll bathe Beep and spend some quiet time putting her to bed.  Cabbage and I will talk for a few minutes before we go to bed ourselves, and soon enough it will start all over again.

It's not easy trying to be all things to all parts of my life.  I try, try, try for good priorities but I often wonder if I'm slipping.  It's a balancing act, and during these long days it's easy to lose perspective.  There's no such thing as a day when everything is done, and I am pretty sure I'm never gonna be completely happy with myself. 

I'll just keep trying to do it all, and do it better. 

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  1. Katie, you just put into words the world that hits us all- we know we're doing what we can, but always find a little bit lacking in our efforts, no matter how great and earnest they may be. Keep reminding yourself that Cabbage and Beep always get your best love for them, and there's no way on earth you ever need to work on that. Everything else just falls away :)


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