Monday, July 25, 2011

1280 Pounds of Patience

My horse, Sam, is often difficult to ride.  Do not be fooled by this graced-by-the-angelic-light-of-heaven picture.

He's given to occasional fits of drama and hyperactivity, and these qualities make him amusing and challenging (and sometimes infuriating).  One thing they do not make him is kid-friendly.

Standing next to Sam on the ground, it's hard not to notice his size.  He is 16.3 hands tall, which means he measures 5'7" at the shoulders.  The last time we put him on a scale he weighed 1,280 pounds.

Beep worries about none of this when she sees Sam.  She just knows she loves this "harse."  Sam loves her, too, and he puts forth his sweetest, most tolerant side.

Can Beep pull at his nose skin?  Sure.

Yank on his forelock?  You bet.

 He regards Beep, planning her next assault, and his only reaction is to squint.

Next, a pull on his whisker.

And finally, a gentle pet.

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