Friday, July 15, 2011

Human Genome Project

I can not be held responsible for this.  I grew up in suburbia, with landscaping, good dental care and a sense of self-pride which prevents me from wearing tube tops and mullets.  Beep is growing up in the country, but I was hoping she might inherit a little of my midwestern, suburban sensibilities.  Or- aiming even higher- the elegance and refinement of her great-grandmother, who was (after all) a socialite in Chicago.

But then there's Cabbage, with family roots in the remote hills of Arkansas and the deepest parts of the south.  Generations of cattle ranching and eating boiled peanuts... and yes, I have proof he made some pretty poor hair choices in the eighties.  Beep has a diverse heritage, and this could be a real Nature Vs Nurture cage match.

I don't claim to understand the mysterious subtleties of the human genome.  All I know is, I have proof that the redneck gene is dominant.

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