Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ginger Syrup

Cabbage Ranch has been a whirlwind of activity lately, with a succession of out-of-town visitors, busy work, Beep walking all over (!), and tending to more than one sick animal.  Hopefully we're on the downward swing now.  If not, just forward my mail to the looney bin (which will certainly be cleaner than my neglected house).

Last week I discovered this fabulous and fabulously easy recipe on Joy the Baker.  I like Joy's conversational, casual and approachable style.  I also love ginger ale, so when she posted a recipe for Homemade Ginger Syrup for ginger ale, it was an automatic try.

It was super simple to make, and it tastes spicy-hot and lemony, sweet and smooth.  Have you ever noticed how much ginger smells like Pledge?  I never think of Pledge as being lemony anymore, it's actually gingery.  I'd go so far as to consider Pledge's claim to lemonosity false advertising.

Anyway, I now have a large amount of ginger syrup hanging out in my fridge.  It's a vat. 

Vat.  Vat.  Vat.  What a weird word.

Vat.  Sorry. 

So I tried mixing the syrup into club soda, which Joy did, and it was ok... but since I have said vat (vatvatvat) of it, I figured I'd better get busy experimenting its uses.  I like it even better (wait for it)....

1. drizzled on vanilla ice cream

2. poured over cubes of fresh watermelon

3. pureed with watermelon, a couple of ice cubes, and a squeeze of lime.  Sounds weird but it's a wonderfully light drink with a little kick of gingery heat.  Perfect for a hot day.    

The best thing about this syrup is how versatile it is.  Make yerself some ginger syrup, experiment with it, and enjoy!
Vat.  Sorry (again).

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