Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Junior Chronicles: Part 11, Complete with Barn Remodeling and Chocolate

Happily, Junior improves more with each passing day.  He looks better today than he did yesterday, and although his temperature is hovering on the high end of normal, it's not escalating to an actual fever.

It's been about 98 degrees here.  I think he's entitled to be hot.

It's been five days since Junior's surgery, and two weeks since he became sick.  We are looking forward to bringing him home within the next five days or so, and moving forward with the next chapter of his young life: healing.

We aren't normally set up for equine convalescence, and our mares live in our pasture.  We have just one stall set up in our little barn, and it's used rarely and briefly.  Junior will need some time in semi-confinement, so Cabbage has started some rearranging. 

We use panels whenever possible, which don't look great but they are extremely functional and flexible.  I'd like to think someday we'll have them spotlessly painted, or better yet have miles of beautiful fencing subdividing lovely picture-perfect pastures tended carefully by our staff of dedicated employees... 

Whatever.  We'll stick with rusted panels.  And keep buying lotto tickets (with cash option and multiplier). 

In this case, it's been a cinch for us (Cabbage) to easily rearrange (drag around) panels to make room in our barn for an oversized stall.  To accomplish this, he stole panels from the mare pasture, which changed the area we use for feeding.  This proved very exciting to the girls. 

Any small changes in their pasture bears checking out.  In tandem.

The panels swiped from the mare pasture were then added to the stall in the barn, so Junior's new digs take up half our little barn. 

The plan is to add a few more panels to extend the stall out the front, which will then allow him a little runout.  He'll be able to choose sunshine and grass, or shade and shavings.  Add a couple of fans, and he'll be good to go. 

As a thank you for a few people who needed it (i.e. the folks at the vet clinic who've been providing round-the-clock care for Junior), on Sunday I baked Bhan's Toll House Cookies v2.0.  Nothin' better than some freshly baked, warm, yummy, amp'd up chocolate chip cookies.  Except for planning to bring Junior home.  That might be better.

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