Sunday, July 31, 2011

You So Pretty: Homemade Pore Strips

So you know when you've just had a supercrazy busy kinda weekend?  And it wasn't bad- it was all pretty good- but you're just... worn out.  Achy back.  Tired legs.  But the baby was just as tired, so she's already asleep...  And you have an unexpected few minutes to yourself?  Yeah.  It's that kinda Sunday night. 

Maybe it's time to make yourself pretty...  Not that you're not already.  You so pretty. 

As for me, I'm spiffing myself up a little, which will be just in time for our wedding anniversary tomorrow! 

So I found this how-to for homemade pore strips on Petit Elephant.  It only takes a couple of ingredients, and a couple of minutes. 

I spread this liquid pore strip alllllllll over my face... that's gotta be, like, $30 worth of Biore pore strips.  But homemade, it only cost me a few cents. 

I love stickin' it to the man.

When it peeled off it left my skin soft, clean, and de-pored.   Amazing.  And now I'm suddenly and seriously addicted to spreading gelatin on my face.  (The only thing I didn't love was the hot milk smell, but it only lasts a couple of minutes.)  Check it out. 

Oh- and when you visit Petit Elephant, just because I love ya, I'll tell you there's also a mind-blowing solution for shattered eyeshadows.           

I gotta go- The Marriage Ref is on, and it's time to choose sides.

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