Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Junior Chronicles: Part 12

Junior turned some kind of internal corner yesterday, and he seems to be feeling much more like his old self.  He's bright and perky!     

We were hoping to bring him home today, but those plans have been delayed until at least tomorrow.  The vet is tweaking his wound care.  See the pack taped to his side?

He's wearing it because his incision has some discharge. 

For those of you who are faint of heart, well, you're 1.) probably not reading this blog filled with gut problems, rectal palpations, and surgeries, 2.) definitely not a hard-core horse dork like yours truly, and 3.) totally nauseous by now anyway, so I'll press on.


This apparently isn't an indicator of a major complication, it just is something that needs to be monitored and resolved.  I'm not sure what the pack does (I'll post more when I do know), but here's a close-up of the mysterious thingamabob doing its enigmatic equine-healing-voodoo-magic. 

Yep, that's the view of his incision, with a [we'll call it a] suction cup attached to a [somekinda] tube, which leads to the [magical healing powers] pack.  It's all covered by a piece of [plastic wrap?] adhesive sheet. 

I don't know what it is.  Or how it works.

Aren't you glad I'm steering this ship?

That's Katie, DVM.

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