Monday, July 11, 2011

An Update on Junior

Junior made it through the night, relatively comfortably.  He passed a little diarrhea, but not a significant amount.  The impaction is still there, though it has shifted backward.  Whether this is because the mass is moving, or the large intestine moved, we don't know. 

We will have his acupuncture done today. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd post some photos of Junior so you can all see the lovely horse I'm writing about.  The photos don't do him justice.  Here he is a couple of weeks ago, after a workout on the racetrack.  Shiny.  Pretty.  Happy.  Fun.

Here he is/was (yesterday) wearing his muzzle...  And not happy about it.  (But he's still shiny and pretty.)

He got a nice scratching from Cabbage.

See the loop of tubing on his neck?  That's the catheter used to deliver drugs and fluids directly into his bloodstream.  It's disconnected right now. 

The catheter is disconnected because we took him off IV fluids and we hope he can maintain his hydration on his own.  Not being hooked up means he can move about his stall freely, lay down to rest, and generally feel a little more like himself.  I suppose there's a chance that the more natural movement about the stall will help his belly start to move things along.

We are hoping and waiting.  C'mon, Junior.  You can do it.

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