Monday, September 12, 2011

Giveaway: $25 Giftcard

It has been two months since Junior got sick, and this morning I petted his soft nose through the stall.  He was quiet and content.

It made me happy.

Yesterday, my baby and I went swimming at a barbecue, despite my almost chickening out at the thought of wearing a swimsuit in front of other people.  She squealed and kicked and we had a great time and I didn't care about my thighs.

That also made me happy.

Today the temperature will again reach 100 degrees.

That doesn't make me happy but now that we're well into September I'm actually optimistic that we'll cool off... eventually.

When Sam looked like this, it made me happy.  And he looked happy himself.

I want to spread a little happiness around.  A gift card sounds like a good idea.

I'm giving away a $25 Visa gift card. 

[UPDATE: Lisa is the winner!  See this post. 
The drawing is closed.  Thanks, guys!]

Spend it on some new running socks, take your sweetheart out for breakfast, buy a new book, or get your horse another bottle of fly spray.  It's your choice!

Simply leave a comment below this post telling me what makes you happy.  Is it something small that makes you smile, or something big that gives you great joy?   

Leave your comment by Saturday at 10pm central time.  I'll use to pick a random winner and announce the winner on Sunday. 

Have a great day!

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[This giveaway is not sponsored, and is totally Cabbage Ranch powered.  Thatisall.]


  1. There are a few things that make me smile. When I run (barrel race) my mare, which I raised, she turns the 1st barrel and it is like chocolate. Feels so good.
    When I walk in to see my uncle, who is 87 years old, and he smiles this stupid goofy smile when he sees me , it has to make you happy and smile. He used to be such a (you know what I mean when he was younger) He has dementia and is in his own little world.
    I love my little dog that gets so much pleasure playing with her ball by herself.
    I smile every time the change of seasons goes from winter to spring. It like happens over night. I thank God for that and for beautiful days and precious rain when we needed.

  2. Coffee. Stripes. Lists, which, when you think about it, are just stripes of information. Pictures of my niece. James Taylor's music. Coffee. Walking with Monkey, my border collie, and watching as her ears bounce every so slightly as she trots along. Snuggling with George after his bath... or more specifically when he's done being pissed off at me for giving him a bath. And, finally, espresso.

  3. My 1 year old niece laughing. Diet coke. New purses. The smell of fall and football season. Beer. The river. High heels and boots. My family. Christmas. Old memories (which include ur hubby and my daddy). Fresh cut grass. Laughing. Nail polish. The sun.....and a million other things!

  4. a text out of the blue that just say "i'm thinking of you, <3" from the man I'm dating, my goofy 3 yr old lab's uncontrollable butt as he wags his tail when he sees me, sunshine on my face, being able to pay my bills, having friends who will call to just say hi and who love me unconditionally. Knowing that each day I have is one I will learn from, be stronger because of, and get to choose to be happy in, no matter what comes my way.

  5. Cabbage and Beep!!!!

  6. Well, what makes me so happy is feeling my baby moving inside my tummy. I'm giving birth in a couple of months :-D

  7. This morning after my twins went down for a nap - first time at the same time ever! - I ate Rice Crispies (my guilty pleasure cereal) out of a giant mixing bowl while watching Sex and the City reruns (my guilty pleasure tv show). Happiness is Tivo, Yo.

  8. Sitting on the porch swing with my man reading a book. A laid back run on a cool evening. Lattes. My kitten nuzzling my face. Sleeping in.

  9. Happiness is spending time with loved ones, be they friends, family, or furry roommates.

  10. Rain makes me happy! Luckily, that isn't all, or it would have been a depressing summer around here! -Chelsea at From My Front Porch ckane(at)dirtdealers(dot)com

  11. Good friends make me happy. Friends you know you can count on through thick and thin and in the toughest times in life. Friends that will make you laugh and hug you when you cry and watch your kid when you have to study (hypothetically speaking of course!) Friends who have become family...that's what makes me happy. That...and my crazy two year old and vanilla wafers dipped in nutella with a cold glass of milk. :) YOU make me happy, sister. :) --Sarah

  12. Lots of things make me happy: Fast water, big fish, high mountains,steep slopes, tall trees, full moon, crisp air,hot fires,smooth wine, good horses, hot lattes, close friends,Luckenbach nights,contented kids,the Wyloo, and a happy Batman!


  13. alright, you've called me out - i guess i am a blogstalker. :) What makes me happy? That smile Ruthie gives me because she is happy. not the one where i have her favorite toy, or im ticking her or her favorite character is on tv. No the one where she looks right at me - unprovoked and just smiles. These are followed by reaching hands towards me and a tight hug on my neck with those chubby arms. That, my dear, is the crem de la creme of life. I LIVE for that moment. and cherish and savor them when they happen. I know there has got to be lots of other mommas out there that agree. :)--Karen Carawan

  14. Things that make Nanny happy? My two grandsons, my two sons, my three or no one husband (Jack, Harry, Glen),friends,fine wine (sometimes cheap if I have had too much fine wine),sunshine, moon, rain on the roof. Most of all waking up in the morning and living life to the fullest.

    Yours truly,

  15. My horses nickering to me every time I walk out the door, even if they just saw me ten minutes before. My kids playing quietly with one another. My husband when he does something without me asking. Life in general!


  16. These days when my two year old daughter asks to hold my 4 month old sonic the mornings makes me very happy for several reasons. I love she loves him, I love the way she is so gentel (except as she crams the pacifier down his throat and tries to wiggle it and get him to latch on) and talks so sweetly to him. I love the way he looks up at her with those big blue eyes and smiles at her (except when she is gagging him with the pacifier- he never cries) already looking up to her. But it especially makes me happy cause I just bought ten more minutes to get ready without someone needing my for something.
    Angela M

  17. Seeing your precious baby girl's smile and innocent, sweet eyes makes me happy :-) TIA Bonnie

  18. Observing loving moments between my daughter and her husband and baby!


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