Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boots on the Ground

It's hard sometimes to really internalize military service and what it means.  I can bow my head in prayer for our armed forces, Cabbage and I say thank you for your service to soldiers in uniform, and I certainly try to appreciate my freedoms in a mindful, daily way.

But it's different to see a family go through a deployment.  Yesterday, Beep's godfather left for Afghanistan. 

This morning when we stopped by to see his wife (Beep's godmother) and their son, this flag flew at their house.

I could end this post here, with the eloquent statement made by their flag waving in the breeze.  But I'd rather tell you a little more about him and her.

We know this man as a young father, a dedicated trauma nurse, and a fabulous husband.  He is incredibly intelligent and has a deadly sense of humor often delivered in a quiet, understated way that leaves me grinning for a long time.

In his professional life he is an army captain highly trained to deal with devastating medical traumas inflicted by war weapons.  It's serious stuff.  If someone I loved was hurt, I would hope everyone who worked on that loved one would be just like him.  It makes me feel better that he is taking care of troops in their desperate hours.

His wife is a strong, insightful woman committed to their life as an army family.  She's entirely capable of juggling her doctorate degree program and single parenthood in a city far from her family.  Still, though, I'm sure while he is gone there will be times when she needs a break, needs a friend, or just needs a beer!

It's no small thing to have a husband at war.

That's where I hope Cabbage and I can help.  I know how to buy a six pack and have them over for dinner.  While the officer/husband/father has his boots are on the ground in Afghanistan, we'll be here for his family. 

We wear riding boots instead of combat boots.

And they're dusty.

And they're probably scuffed.

But they're planted firmly on the ground here at home, and we'll help however we can. 

We'll see you soon, friend.  And girl, we've got your back. 

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