Friday, September 2, 2011

Bhan Goes

My sister is a little weird.  A bit wacky.  And to contribute to the wackiness, and share it with the wack-lacking world, she has her own blog.  In fact, she has two blogs and they're quite amusing.
Bhan Goes
Dinner Over Easy

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who finds her funny, although I think our shared genetic material and childhood commonalities may skew me in her favor.  You can take your pick- Nature or Nurture- but please don't argue with me about the veracity of Evolutionism, fortheloveofgod, or the fact that Texas could NOT actually be self-sufficient after seceding from the United States.  I mean really.  It's called infrastructure, people!  Learn about it!

But I digress.

So we sisters both laugh very loudly and this is a trait we come by honestly, as evidenced by our membership in our family's Loud Laughers Society.  We laugh loudly at Saturday Night Live, and we find the world in general (and ourselves in particular) funny.

Just today I told her she looked like The Church Lady.  Apparently she agreed, because she posted comparative photos of herself.

Well isn't that special?   


  1. Isweartobeer ("god") just this morning I was thinking about doing a post on the notoriously loud Reynolds Laugh!

    I will have you know, I do have the capacity for a quiet laugh, as evidenced by the last three minutes of my life spent reading this post. The quiet laugh comes at the expense of lettuce coming out my nose, however. Barf.


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