Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cameos and Owls

I rarely shop for clothes, but this week I've been beset by a fit of needing something *new*.  In my quest for a new shirt, I found a couple of other things I felt called to buy.  Naturally.

These earrings are my new love. 

They're antique cameos with a cat's eye bead dangling below, and I just love the apple green color.  The jeweler converted them from screw-ons to dangling earrings.  I'm so glad she did, because now my life is complete. 

They're by Harley's House, which had a booth at our farmer's market.  Don't ask me when veggies cozied up to earrings but I'm so glad they did.  Harley's House has cute stuff, but it looks like these were one-of-a-kind earrings and you can't have them.


HOWEVER!  There are lots of similar earrings on EtsyLike these.


And then, in a startling twist of fate, I found another pair of earrings I liked.  This time, at Old Navy.  Have you seen their new accessories?  Super cheap, tons of variety, and definitely cute.

But these owl earrings?  They take the cake. 

Because I am a horse dork/Beep mother/Georgie person/Cabbage wife and not a pro photographer, I was unable to get a good picture of them.  

Not the first time you've noticed such phenomena here, I'm sure.

Photographic shortcomings aside, the owl earrings are incredibly toothsome.  Even better?  They cost $7.  No typo there- SEVEN DOLLARS!!!!!  I just can hardly contain myself.  

I wasn't able to find these earrings on the Old Navy website, so you'll need to check them out in person.  Never before has accessorizing been so accessible.

I still haven't found the elusive shirt that launched this shopping spree (for me, this is indeed a spree), but hey- I'm up two pairs of great earrings. 

Not too shabby.


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  1. LOVE the owl earrings! Neither pair will *ever* go out of style. Great choices, Muffin.

    As for shirt-shopping, give a chance. I have had great luck finding interesting pieces that are true-to-size and inexpensive.

    When it comes to taking pics for the blog, I recommend leaving the room lights ON and the flash OFF. This after many, many failed attempts at close-ups of food.


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