Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me, Myself, and... Ay-yi-yi....

About Me
My parents could not have imagined this turn of events.

My midwestern, suburban upbringing was not exactly aiming for this result.  There were no boots in my childhood closet, nor were there horses out back.

I swam and played tennis at the country club.  I played soccer and dabbled in ballet.  I went to summer camps and did homework at the kitchen table in our saltbox colonial house.  I was surrounded by successful executive males, and dedicated homemaker females.  

I wanted something different.  I wanted a horse.

One Christmas, my parents made the fatal mistake of actually giving me what I'd always craved.  I received an envelope with the promise of a few horseback riding lessons....  And that was the beginning of the end for my other childhood pasttimes and the start of a new lifestyle.

I eventually went to college and found a community of like-minded people, along with a firm conviction that I could feed my ambition by having an exciting career working with horses and the people who love them. 

Even later, I found the one man on earth who would put up with my manic projects, hairbrained ideas, faults and foibles.  Support my independence and my hours at the barn.  Ride a horse with me. 

On Motherhood
Our baby girl, Beep, derailed my riding, but she was worth it.  She has my eyes, rides and wears boots, and she loves books as much as I do.  She fills our house with loud laughter- hers and ours.

Photo Credit: Pamela Strohl Fine Art Photography

I read a million books about her development, I research a lot.  Ultimately, I listen to my heart and wing it.  Call it informed instinct. 

About Domesticity
I try to be domestic, but it's really not in my schedule.  Or my nature.  I work, I commute, I get cabin fever when I'm home too much.

I rejoice in a clean house, tidy closets, ironed clothes.  Or I think I would...  I don't really know, because my house is always a mess. But I like to get ideas about having a more beautiful home.  Sometimes, I try them out. 

I am a foodie at heart.  I like to cook and- when I don't burn it- we eat well.  I really appreciate exotic and best-quality, home-cooked foods.  I also appreciate leftovers and grilled cheese.  And occasionally boxed mac and cheese.

The Right Side of My Brain
Ahhh... Right brainedness.  Creativity.  Color and words.  It's good to be home again. 

This is the neglected part of my gray matter, as I use it less for my job and more for my (nonexistent, there-are-only-so-many-hours-in-the-day) hobbies.  Which, as I can dimly recall, once included creative writing, art, and a few random forays into sewing. 

I am a discriminating reader, and I used to devour books at an astonishing rate.  Now, I'm glad to keep my eyelids open long enough to read just a handful each year.  So they have to be good ones.

Thank You
...For reading what I put here.  Just for that, you're my favorite.

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