Monday, May 2, 2011

Cabbage Ranch Cowboy

Here at Cabbage Ranch, you will find...

A cowboy loving his baby and her mama.

He wears boots, a belt buckle, and a hat.  Every day.  Don't ask him to wear shorts or flip-flops, cuz they just aren't him.  His legs never see the sun. 

Cabbage's boots track in dirt.  His button-down shirts host hitchiker bits of alfalfa, hay, and horse hair.  They sift off in a dirty path through the house as he cooks dinner, kisses his girls (Beep and me), and tends the animals.  A cowboy version of a breadcrumb trail. 

He's usually on a mission: to bundle up his baby girl, to save a horse, to kiss me, to change the tv channel.  He's a softy with a romantic streak.  He's a capable, smarty-pants, confident, love-his-family type of guy.

And even though I hate to clean, I love his dirty boots, his alfalfa-y shirt.  Plus his legs are whiter than mine, which is an ego boost for me.

At least I'm not the palest person on earth.

It's these small things I cling to in my everyday life.

Next installment: Non-Domestic, Suburban Ranch-ish Wife... Yours truly.

Photo credit: Pamela Strohl Fine Art Photography

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