Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiny Visitor

Our home is made of native limestone, and I like the way it suits the landscape.  The trees and grasses, cactus and sky all seem to relate to it easily. 

Wood siding belongs where I grew up, in the woods and fields of Wisconsin.  Stucco makes sense in Colorado, where I moved as an adult and lived until I came here to be with Cabbage.  Here, it's all about the beautiful, flaky stone that makes up these hills.

Sometimes, the stone attracts a visitor who can't distinguish the house from the wilderness. 

There are times when the snail visitors gross me out.  I don't appreciate it when they attach themselves to the door, or hang overhead. 

But times like these, in the dreamy late afternoon sun, the occasional little shell creature just adds to the scenery.  And reminds me that we are all equal parts of the landscape.  Stone house, human, snail, oaks.

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