Sunday, January 8, 2012

Toddler Fuel

People often comment "Beep has so much energy.  She never stops, does she?"  I always smile and agree, but the truth is I don't see a whirling dervish of toddler mania.  I just see her.  My life has adjusted to her speed- which, granted, usually is nonstop- and I hardly notice anymore.  

But.  There are times when it strikes me.  A few nights ago she finished eating dinner first, and to bribe her to stay in her seat and give us a few more minutes, we resorted to the ultimate treat: M&Ms.  

What followed was a hilarious, chocolate-fueled montage of emotions at lightning speed, and I snapped pictures as fast as my camera would let me.  Look past the smeary, dirty face, and you'll see Beep, in all her glory, captured over just a minute or two.



I love that baby.


  1. Oh my... What a beautiful little girl. How generous of you to share these private moments. I think my fave of this stream is the second from the bottom. (Whatchoo talkin-bout Willis?) but they are ALL precious, as she is.


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