Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sam on the Ranch

Some of you have asked me, one way or another, how Sam has been doing at Cabbage Ranch.  It's been an adjustment to have him home with us instead of boarded about 8 miles away.  It's more work, especially for Cabbage (who does most of the horse chores while I commute) but also so comforting to have him at home.

Sam seems to like it here.  After all, we have two pretty girls in the pasture just across the fenceline.  Goldie and Cedar are his new girlfriends.

Obviously, that makes this gate his new hangout.  Hey, ladies.

Come here often?

The upshot of this situation is that Sam spends so much time ogling the mares, he sometimes doesn't even eat right away.

Sam?  Not eating?  *Gasp.*  That's how we know it's true love.

The girls, in turn, find him totally hot.  Despite his status as a gelding he's apparently enough of a stud that they've been flirting nonstop.

Which in turn makes him crazy.

And so he hangs out at the gate, tells them Goldie and Cedar they're pretty, and whispers sweet nothings in their long and hairy ears.  He motivates them to preen and posture, flirt and tease.  And so they tell him he's cool, and want him to be their boyfriend, and call for him when he's in the barn.

So... How's Sam?  He's great, man.  He's got two pretty girlfriends who hang on his every nicker. 

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