Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joy to the Freakin' World

Here's a random montage of Cabbage Ranch doings and goings-on, just for you.  You're welcome.

I found the best gift bags ever at World Market.  Owls?  With coordinating wood grain tissue paper?  Si, por favor.

I can really make some little crap seem special with those.  Sign me up.

Ready for my magic act?  Now you see it...

Now you don't.  Astonishing, I know.

Now you don't see it...

 And now you do.

A credenza in the bathroom?  Sure.  Why not.  Martha doesn't live here.

The credenza was moved out of the living room to make room for an armoire we inherited from Cabbage's mother.  It's awesome.  I'll show it another time, because I can only handle so much furniture arranging.  You know that's not my thing.

Beep got an awesome hat.  Hilarious, right? (especially when her dad puts it on her backwards and the face hole gets even smaller)

We put Christmas lights on the gate.  It's the sum total of our outdoor lights, because lights wouldn't be very visible from the road.  Or we're too lazy.  It's one or the other.  We'll go with visibility.

Cabbage and Beep had a pretty good time helping with the lights.  They're really two peas in a pod: on the right is Cabbage wearing two kinds of camo, and on the left is Cabbage's baby wearing two kinds of [polka dot] camo.

Having a toddler sift through the lights really helped the untangling process.

She did help by passing lights to me through the gate.

When I put Christmas lights on the gate, I know it's really the holidays.  And until I buy a timer for the lights, they stay on all night.  So I'm pretty sure our neighbors across the street are also aware it's the holidays. 

Oh, good.  Katie put Cabbage Ranch's gate lights up.  And now they'll stay on 24/7 until January 1.  Joy to the freakin' world.  


  1. lol.....Joy, joy, joy to the freakin world. i love it.....

  2. I love the color of your credenza, and the fact that you slipped it casually into the bathroom?? Genius. LOVE ideas like that. Cheers to Beep and her backwards hat, what a sweetie. Love your lights, we did exactly the opposite. Lit our house and neglected the front gate. LOL Merry Christmas from the Lazy W to Cabbage Ranch!!


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