Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Gifts

People like me run around in a blur this time of year, frantically trying to finish up Christmas, work, laundry, everything. People like me do not complete shopping by Thanksgiving. People like me do not have the house fully decorated by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. But at least...

People like me.

Moving right along.

For those of you whose holidays are under better control than mine, I offer up to you a way to take these last few days totally over the top.

Beep received a box from her Grammy filled with adorable little gifts, each package labeled with a date.  Every day she gets to open another present to reveal some little tidbit of pre-Christmas fun.

Advent gifts really are the most fun if they're inexpensive or homemade, and the possibilities are endless.  Think about:
A pomegranate
$1.00 bill to buy a 99 cent smartphone app
Paper dolls printed from here (Free download!)
Pack of gum
A homemade treat
Fun socks
Fresh pack of hair bands
Bundle of crayons

Take a spin through your craft box, grocery store, or the dollar aisle at Target.  Then wrap those little babies up and dole them out over the next few days! 

You're organized.  And gosh darnit, people like you.

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