Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas In the Trailer Park

I'll admit it: I spent too much time relaxing over the long weekend.  You guys were definitely on my mind, but as far as posting goes, I just. couldn't. find. motivation.

So, while I nurse my motivation hangover (because it's oh-so-hard to get back into the swing of a normal workday right now!), I'll give you a clip of some Christmas Day hilarity, brought to you courtesy of Beep and a great cardboard playhouse. Oh-and at about 45 seconds, the title of this post will make sense.

Love the cardboard playhouse? I had memories of a similar one from my childhood, so I took a chance somebody still made them. I snagged this one online from Kohls for less than $20 with free shipping (thanks to stacking a couple of coupon codes!), and although I don't see the exact same one anymore... boo!... there are similar ones at Walmart. A quick google search will reveal the cardboard playhouse is alive and well for $40 or less. I wasn't compensated for this post, I just like cardboard playhouses and thought you might, too.  


  1. How cute! I have to get one for my nephew- it'll probably be demolished in 15 minutes, so an old fridge cardboard box may be the better way to go, but he'll love it! :)

  2. Awe I used to play in something similar as a child as well! Very cute!

  3. Bought this exact playhouse for my two nieces this year! They seemed to love it, spent a few hours Christmas Day coloring and beribboning it. Merry Christmas, Katie!


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