Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watching the Steam Rise

On Saturday, I tried to ride my horse.  After losing Georgie Friday night, I needed the mental challenge and physical exertion.  I needed an escape. Unfortunately, Sam was not in the mood.  He was hyper and uncooperative, challenging me at every turn.  Eventually I cut my losses and got off, and later I went for a short run instead.

This morning I tried again, and it was a different story.  The doctor was in.

Winston Churchill apparently liked to wax philosophic about horses, and one of his better-known quotes is "There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man."  I like the quote but it's only partly true.  It's ultimately not about the outside of the horse.  It's about the inside- the mind, the heart, the intelligence.

Those are the qualities that make this my therapy couch.

Sam and I walked to the arena.  It was where I needed to be. 

It was just after 8:00 in the morning, and it was beautiful.  Long rays of sunshine, crisp clear air, and a happy horse to act as salve for my hurting heart.

After our ride, my sweet Sam enjoyed a sudsy bath and some grazing time.  While he munched and the steam rose off his wet, warm muscles, my mind drifted toward Georgie.  Of course.

I thought of all the thousands of hours she and I spent at a barn together.  

I remembered her nosing around while I rode, following scent trails until she disappeared around a corner, across a field, or into the forest.  When it was time I always whistled for her- one short, then one long and lifting call.  After a pause she'd reappear, running.  Her tan markings bobbing, black fur streaming, she'd come racing with joy from wherever she'd been, back to my side in a big long loop.

My heart felt quiet and tender.  I thought of her, and I watched the steam rise.


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  1. Katie, that is beautiful. It's really touching that you mend your broken heart over the loss of one animal that you loved by loving another animal. You have the kindest, gentlest heart.


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