Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hit the Ground Running

Hi guys... Sorry for the disappearing act. Over the weekend, I:

  • Went to a 100th birthday party

  • Saw Cabbage's family ranch for the first time

  • Took a million picture of gorgeous horse country

  • Ate boiled peanuts

  • Investigated some freaky sinkhole action

  • Went to the theater

  • Did not sweat. Okay, maybe once.

  • Hugged lots of family

  • Flew with a toddler as a lap passenger, alone, twice. Lived to tell about it.

Needless to say, I'm about to faceplant on my bed. Lotsa stories for you all... But first: sleeping, unpacking, behbeh wrangling, picture downloading, errand running, Georgie hugging, Sam smooching. If I can work out 2 (two) charlie horses, maybe some running... and hopefully a ride.

See ya Monday afternoon!

P.S. I'm sorry to say right now I'm watching VH1's Tough Love: Miami. Tah-Raiiiiiin Wreck! Please watch it, too, so I can justify my viewership.


  1. Did Owen make you swim in the creepy sinkhole? Because if not then he really needs to step up his sister-terrorizing game.

  2. Wow. You were/are a busy girl! So much for a "vacation" right? ha!

    loved your post and its ok to watch some tv - you were baby wrangling while you were doing it, right? ;)

    just kidding...LOL

  3. Green Goose, thanks! It's always good to come home!

    Siobhan, no. There was no swimming- and that is part of what made it fascinating. More to come on that story!

    And yes, Karen, it would be fine to watch tv. But that show is total and complete garbage. And somehow mesmerizing. I'm not happy to say I will probably watch it again.


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