Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogging in Real Time

The past couple of weeks have been very busy ones for us.  I haven't been able to post as often as I like, because work hours have been long, house guests have been many (three separate guests last week), and in my limited spare time Beep's needs have overruled blogging.

This morning I was up while it was pitch black out, and shuffled my way out to the kitchen to try to get a post or two done before my family awakened.  I let Annie outside, I let Fletcher out another door (Fletch has been confined at night because we've had a resurgence in coyotes lately), and peeked at the horses. 

I sent up a plea for an uninterrupted hour.

Then Annie started barking, so I whistled for her and shut her on the back porch.

I sat back down to look at photos and think about what to post.

Then Annie started barking again.

I got up, muttered some unflattering things about Annie's intelligence level, and let her in her mudroom.

I missed my Georgie. I sighed, put my hands on my hips, and took a moment to recognize that Annie isn't Georgie.  Besides that, she's still a puppy.  I patted and asked her to be sweet and cooperate.  She panted, licked me and spun around in circles in agreement.  I gave her a nice new bone.  Bribery.

Back to the computer, back to ponder what to write...

After a couple of minutes I heard Annie's water bucket sliding around her room.  Followed immediately by the sound of the bucket rolling around her room.  *Crap*

Stomping back through the kitchen, I steeled myself for the mess I knew I'd find.  Annie was playing with her overturned water bucket, sloshing around in the puddles, getting muddy paw prints everywhere, mixing it with stray dog hairs, and generally having a great time.

I stepped barefoot into the drippy mess, grabbed her collar and shoved her out the door.  Grabbed the mop, went to work.  Listened to her bark on the back porch.  Mopped, squeezed outside, told her to hush.  Repeated that sequence about eighteen times.  

Then I told her she was a butthead.  And put the mop away.

And now, because Annie drowned my hopes of doing a post that might be actually mildly interesting, the only thing I can think of writing about is why I can't get a decent post written.

And now I have to go, because she's barking again.

But then, I will probably make my family pancakes.  And hopefully soon I'll be able to tell you about my new favorite pancakes, which are light, fluffy, made from scratch, and filled with extra goodness.

If you don't hear from me again, you can thank Annie.

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