Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brew City Barbecue

My brother, Owen, received a double dose of mechanical know-how.  How do I know he got exactly two helpings?  He is in possession of his genetic share and mine.

Me: Failed at assembling a portable saddle rack each and every time I was confronted with it.  For a year.
Owen: Builds huge sets in a ginormous theater.

Me: Burned my finger lifting the top off my crockpot.
Owen: Welds complicated stuff out of metal.

Me: Challenged by changing a flat tire.
Owen: Converted a box truck to a portable scuba diving shop-slash-camper with solar panels.

When we were young, Owen wasn't satisfied with leaving our swingset alone.  It had to be bigger, better, more complex.  He'd rearrange our swings until every hook held a swing of different length.  It took a little guidance to use, but when the swinger was appropriately draped over each of the six(ish) swings, it was a pretty good- if somewhat awkward- ride.

He now channels his innate abilities to his highly technical job and also to his hobbies which include scuba diving in caves (nothankyou), feeding many people delicious barbecue and enlightening the world with his homebrewed beer.

It's all a good excuse to tinker with stuff.

Exhibit A:  Owen's smoker

It is not only fully portable (as demonstrated by Owen pushing it above), but also features a keg, working sink and seaworthy mounted beer holders.

We wouldn't want to chance spilling any of that delicious homebrewed beer.

He's fully prepared for any eventuality- hanging out, taking his show on the road to friends' houses, or going camping.

So Owen's got the market cornered on gadgetry and know-how.  This is how it's always been, and I may be a little bitter about it. 

I'll take it up with him just as soon as I can figure out how to free myself from my mangled saddle rack and change my car tire with my crispy finger.

Surely I'm not the only one with a sibling much more innately talented at a necessary life skill.....? 

Anyone???  Bueller?


Ok, then.

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