Saturday, October 22, 2011

Running Buddy

Cabbage refers to his best friends as his running buddies, meaning the people who will always jump in the truck with you, the ones by your side no matter what, the guys who are guaranteed to be ready for the next adventure.

I choose to take the term more literally, because that’s just how I am.  Also, because it suits my purposes.   This is my running buddy.

We go [wait for it]  running together.

This has been made possible by that most useful of inventions, the jogging stroller.  We found ours at a consignment store recently, and it’s been getting a lot of use.

Up and down the hills near Cabbage Ranch, I push the Beep in her nifty new stroller.  She’s a good passenger and is always excited to see me pull out her ride. 
I love taking her with me.  But… make no mistake about it: just because I’m running my ass off doesn’t mean I get to stop parenting.

Wheezing up a hill isn’t enough.  Now let’s add pushing a stroller containing a toddler.  AND just when I think I might make it up the Mount Everest of the hill country and enjoy a satisfying triumph, the toddler decides it’s time to ask for “Dooce.”  (for the eighth time and in a tone that implies a tantrum if she has to ask again)  Adios, personal best.  I stop and hand her the juice box.

Or, just for kicks, she’ll wait until we’re halfway through the run- which would mean we’re the furthest possible distance from the ranch- and say “Out?” 
“No, Baby.  You need to stay in the stroller. “
[cue whining]
On the plus side, I get to introduce her to different sights than we normally see on Cabbage Ranch.

She’s learning to multitask by feeding her baby while we go.

She also doesn’t seem to mind getting rained on. 

And she loves waving to cars and yelling “Bah-bye” after they’re long gone.  The timing isn’t there, but the sentiment is.  She’s trying to be part of society.

I really like thinking I’m helping her learn healthy habits by setting a good example.  Naturally, this makes me feel superior.

Also on the plus side, when I’m worn out, have officially hit my limit and I can’t take another step... I  slow to a walk until I regain my breath.  I unapologetically wave to bicyclists whizzing past (they’re not only alone, but have a machine helping them).  I say hello to other joggers (who do not have strollers) and I’m not embarrassed.  I take a couple of minutes to crest a hill or catch my breath before striking back out at the jog.  And I don’t. Feel. Bad. About. It.  If I’m huffing and puffing and in need of a break, it’s because I’m actually running for two. 

Do you exercise with your kids, spouse, or a friend?  What are your favorite (and not-so-favorite) parts of having a partner?

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  1. Nothing wrong with a Mom feeling superior for teaching her Beep amazing things...keep it up. You have Emu for neighbors?! Cool. I love Beep's rain-resistant expression. So cute.


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