Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Approacheth

I pretty much always prepare for holidays later rather than sooner, which means Christmas, Easter, birthdays and everything else are done at the last minute.  On the one hand it seems justified, because we are so very constantly busy; but on the other hand there's my procrastinating persuasion- a tendency I cannot indulge in at work, so it gets funneled into my personal life like a river through a culvert, where it increases in velocity until it exits with astounding force taking down everything in its path including planning, lists, and good intentions.

[Hello, run-on sentence.  How I love you.]

Let me tell you, all that last-minute scrambling makes for some awesome gift-wrapping.  Gift wrap is primarily intended to conceal contents, right?  Or were my presents entered in some kind of secret wrapping contest?  I thought not. 

But I seriously cannot wait until Beep is about four years old and someone looks at a present I wrapped in 90 seconds flat (probably in the car) (outside their house) (as we're already 15 minutes late from stopping to buy a card) and says "Oh how cute that Beep wrapped it for me herself!"

Yes.  Yes, she did.

Fortunately for Beep's photo album, though, I thought her first Halloween deserved some planning.  Growing up, we always had great Halloween costumes.  My parents didn't buy costumes, they made them.  One year I recall my brother wanted to be a cowboy, so my mom whipped up a costume on her sewing machine, and my dad converted our Radio Flyer wagon to a Conestoga complete with canvas covering, drawstring closures, and a harness for our Sheltie dog to pull it.

The dog apparently found this to be beneath her dignity/not in her contract/she just in general did not concur with the wagon or Halloween.  She was removed from her post and Owen had to resort to pulling his Conestoga himself.  Resilience: The pioneer way.

So obviously, I was raised to high Halloween standards.  It seemed only right that I put a similar amount of effort into my baby's first Halloween.

Behold the fruit of my labor, glue sticks, and scissors.

I'm concerned that the owl costume (complete with aviator cap and felt goggles) might be the pinnacle of Beep's Halloween costumes for her entire life, or at least until college frat parties. 

But alas, life moves on and now I'm confronted with the possibility, probability, and in all likelihood the reality that I now have to top 2010's costume.

The search is on.  Last year I discovered that Martha Stewart's website has the corner on great kids costumes.  Let's investigate.

This one will only be done if she asks for it herself one day.  And even then, it may be grudging.

We don't call this dress-up.  We call it "clothes."

Oh, puhleeeese.  I want my baby to play sports, not cheer from the sidelines.

(No, I'm not convinced cheerleading has the same benefits of actually being on the field.)

Child brides?  Gross.

Now, these are actually cute.  And this year Beep knows how to Baa like a sheep.  Much like last year when she could fly noiselessly through the night. 

More than a little creepy, and this baby knows it.

Again with the baby-as-food....?

This one has potential.  Love it!  But the feet make the costume, and there's noooo wayyyyy she could actually walk in those things.

So the hunt for the perfect DIY costume continues... 

What are your kids dressing up as?  Are you going to make or buy your costumes? 


  1. I have been obsessed with Beep as an Owl for almost a year and can empathize with your struggle to find a way to one-up yourself.

    Excellent use of the word 'conestoga.' Really excellent.

    This year, Monkey will be Rain Coat Dog again and I figure George will either be Snuggie Cat or Christmas Jammies kitty. Because I already have those ensembles and am too cheap to buy pet costumes.

  2. Witches. Because we already have it... and it's pretty easy. And it's never too early to teach Josie how to properly apply black eyeliner. Actually, Sarah will probably go in whatever I can talk her into wearing that day. I did buy a $5 black tutu at walmart yesterday so she may just wear that ;-)

    I actually did get crafty and sew Josie a skirt and Sarah a dress with Halloween fabric but I think I'm done nesting now so there won't be much more of that kind of ambition for awhile.

  3. I remember how cold it was in Mequon by Halloween, that my costume usually had to incorporate a coat! One year I was a gypsy, complete with lots of costume jewelry from my mom, all of which was covered up by my parka. Very distressing :)

    This year Elena (6) wants to be Alice in Wonderland, so I'm sewing that costume for her. Which works well, b/c if they want to go to school dressed up for Halloween it has to be as a character from a book. Sari (4) at first said she wanted to be an orange not-scary ghost (easy!), but now has changed her mind to be Cinderella...we got the dress as a gift 3 yrs ago, so that costume's done. And who knows what Mira (2) will end up as...pretty much whatever her sisters tell her to be!

    The owl costume is AMAZING, btw!

  4. Cole is going to be a cow and Hailey will be a Cowgirl on a horse. Of course I am too busy to actually make a costume let alone go out and buy one... (in walks baby sitter who shops at Costco and just happened to pick up the cow costume for me! Thanks baby sitter/personal assistant) This did prompt me to remember I have not bought Hailey's costume yet!!! Crap! Off to find that girl a horse!


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