Monday, September 26, 2011

Until We Meet Again, Cankles

Remember Cankles?

I'm happy to report that things have resolved themselves. 

First of all, yes I was applying poultice with a bag over my hand because I am apparently unable to remember to purchase latex gloves.

Fortunately my mother reads this blog, and took matters into her own hands.  I am now the proud owner of a brand-new box of 200 gloves, shipped in fresh from Colorado.

Sam's life has also improved since last week. 

Day 1: treated with cold hosing, poultice, wrap, and 2 grams of bute (I forgot to mention that before).  Bute is a painkiller and anti-inflammatory, like aspirin.  It's good stuff.

Day 2: Looking better, but still pretty swollen.  By then, the swelling had moved down and around his lower leg so I was glad I'd already started treating those areas.  I repeated cold hosing, poultice, and bute but did not wrap him.  I'd have preferred to keep him wrapped one more day, but it was a practicality and scheduling issue.

Day 3:  Suddenly much better!  A residual bump from the point of impact remained on his inner leg, but the rest of the swelling was 90% gone.  Hooray!  I did more cold hosing, but nothing else.

Goodbye, cankle!

 Day 4: A tiny bump remained (and may, for a while) so I started applying some ointment to hopefully keep reducing it.  Other than that, we're back in business.

Look at that pretty, slender, non-cankley leg.  Bueno.

Once again, poultice (and cold hosing, wrapping, bute) wins over evil.  Viva la mud!

Horse dorks: Are you poultice-believers or do you prefer furacin?  Do you cold hose or ice boot?  Wrap or not? 



  1. As I'm reading this, I'm thinking that I can now walk you through the inflammatory response. It's a pretty exciting bedtime story if you want me to recite the details of why Sam had a cankle in the first place and how it got resolved. I can't promise to make it rhyme but I probably could draw colorful pictures. :) NERD ALERT!!!!

  2. Aren't MOMs the best. Someday you will do the same for Beep.


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