Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Really Great T-Shirt For Guys

Cabbage is freakishly hard on clothes.  He spends hours each day working in the heat, challenging mortal fabrics with sweat, abnormal amounts of dirt, and sun. 

This means his laundry is horrific, but he's an exceedingly good t-shirt tester.  He needs shirts that withstand sweating and staining, wash easily and dry quickly.  Anything that survives his lifestyle is pretty much gonna be a good product.  To that end, he's done an extensive review of activewear tees this summer.

First, the gold standard: Under Armour
Under Armour makes great activewear clothes with a nice feel and great cooling and wicking action, but the price tag of $30-$40 was too much for his barn clothes.  I can't say he actually wore their activewear tees because we balked at the price.  He loves their cold-weather gear and recommends it for deer hunting.

Fortunately, there are a couple of good low-cost options which are actually Cabbage tested and approved.  I now give you Cabbage's favorite activewear tee: 

The Men's C9 by Champion. Available at Target, it's $10.99 online. 

Men's C9 by Champion® Tech Tee - True White

He loves this shirt, even when it's 100 degrees out.  The material holds up well, blocks UV rays, and looks good even when wet.  He says it's very breathable so it feels cool, and we all like that it washes easily.  Score! 

It is important to note they are an "athletic" cut, which apparently means they run incredibly small.  Cabbage usually wears a large, and he had to get a XXXL.  That's pretty ridiculous, but he wanted a t-shirt, not a bodystocking.

A close second on Activewear Tee Wars:

Wal- Mart's Dri Star Active Tee. $6.47 online.  (seriously, can you beat that price???)

Starter - Big Men's Dri-Star Active Tee

This shirt offers a little less in quality, especially in the feel of the fabric.  I'm not sure if it blocks UV rays, and it does seem to stain a little easier.  Still, it wicks moisture, feels cool, and he often wears them under another shirt. Unlike the C9, this shirt runs close to normal sizing.  For the pricetag, this is a phenomenal deal!

So there you have it.  Two tees any guy can sweat in!  These would make great presents, stocking stuffers, or just "here you need this" kind of gifts. 


  1. i love your suggestion of "here you need this" kind of gift! lol.....I do that to Jeff every now and then.... :)

    That's what good wives are supposed to do right? ;)


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