Monday, September 5, 2011

Cookie Ethics 101

I have an ethics question for you.

How bad is it-really- to eat cookies while in the store, but before you pay for them, but with every intention of paying for them? 

Here's the back story. 

I would never eat anything sold by weight prior to paying for it.  But seriously, how am I supposed to get a toddler through an entire Whole Foods store without her wanting to eat something?  I have a lot more practice at grocery shopping than she does, and sometimes I really have trouble restraining myself at Whole Foods.  Sometimes I am organized enough to bring a snack for Beep, but Friday was not one of those days.

So there we were, rolling our cart past every food she loves.  She pointed at yogurt.  She asked "please" when passing the entire cheese counter.  She "mmmmmmm'd" at rolls, crackers, applesauce.  Especially the applesauce.  After that there was taunting by bananas, canteloupes, strawberries, and by then she was squirming and whining. 

As we approached the cookie aisle, our travels through the store had officially worn out Beep's patience.  I needed a quick fix.  I couldn't keep her cooperation duct taped together anymore; no toy, conversation, or distraction was going to work, and everyone in the store was about to hear her have a meltdown. 

So I did it.  I took a box of cookies, opened it in full view of everyone, and gave her a couple.

It really was an act of mercy for not only my baby, but also everyone in earshot.

We quickly finished shopping, I checked out and made no attempt to hide the open packaging.  Which is a good thing, because when we got to the car I finally looked at Beep's face.  You know, the little face I hadn't seen for a few minutes as she rode on my hip.

Cookies?  Me?  Nawwwwww.

So obviously she wouldn't make a very good thief anyway.           

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  1. Nothing wrong with keeping a child happy. I've seen so many kids eating fruit in the know it wasn't paid for.


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