Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Stuff is Freakin Good

I decided to try to grow herbs this year.  My first attempt, which included growing seeds in eggshells on my windowsill, was ultra Martha-esque but for unknown reasons resulted in abject failure.  Not a single herb made it out alive.  This experience encouraged me to forever swear off little cutesy projects that unnecesarily consume my effort.  [Cut to next scene]

For my second try, I bought seeds and plants and skipped the nurture-them-inside-like-you're-supposed-to step.  I dumped the seeds in pots and big stainless steel containers and put them in too much sunlight too late in the year.  I told them I didn't care if they lived or died and I watered them when I remembered and I was brutal to those little seeds.

I grew the heck outta those stupid plants.

I now have lots of basil.  I have a bevy of rosemary.  I even have some parsley and oregano, and I have more dill than I know what to do with.

On the other hand, some plants which shall remain nameless (purple basil) never even bothered to sprout, and I respect their choice.  I understand, because it is indeed hazardous for plants here at Cabbage Ranch.  Even the plants which survive the harsh environment are subject to be eaten by horses or deer.  Or dug up by Annie in one of her godforsaken fits of self-employment

Anyway, I decided I'd try to use the rosemary, which has been growing like crazy.  I was hankering to try it out.

I also wanted to use the word hankering.

In my quest to use rosemary for something deserving of my serendipitous herb-growing success, I stumbled across this recipe for Bakery Style Rosemary Flatbread on Tasty Kitchen.

It was the best.  The flatbread is simple to make, and results in the most flaky, crispy, fresh and herby crackers!  I must have them now and forevermore.  I ate them for dinner, and then again for breakfast. 

I did tweak the recipe as I went, just a little.  I increased the rosemary about a tablespoon, and slightly decreased the pepper.  I may try it again with other/more/mixed up herbs.

I would send you some of mine, but it wouldn't ship well.  Plus I have some kind of mental block about sending packages, so I would never actually do it. 

Make Bakery Style Rosemary Flatbread today.  You're gonna love it so much you'll just shove it in your mouth till its gone.  Just like Beep.

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