Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tiny Rainbow Sneakers

Yesterday was Wednesday.

In case you didn't know.

It was also one of those days for Cabbage...  You know those days when you just miss your baby so badly you can't stand it anymore?   He couldn't take it.  So he didn't.  Rather than letting me pick up Beep as usual, he called our babysitter and texted me, telling us both he was on his way to get our baby.

I love his style.

He smothered her in kisses, then swept her away in his pickup.  He texted me to tell me he had her.  I said "Prove it."

I then received this text.

I'd know that bald head anywhere.  I gave birth to it... Thank God, it was smaller at that time.

So they were off to run normal, everyday errands.  With anyone else, this would be mundane, but with Cabbage, I knew Beep would have a great time.  Cabbage is just one of those people who's fun to bum around with.  I learned this via gin-fueled barhopping followed by lazy mornings in bed, and lunches eaten at stool-lined counters.  Beep learned it during noise-filled shriekfests, extended napping sessions, and late-night feedings.

I was a little jealous that I was stuck at my desk and confined by my commute, instead of hanging out with them.  I wanted to go to the baby superstore, too.  I wanted to be with them, buying diapers.  Weird, I know.  So naturally I retaliated by challenging Cabbage to find some new shoes for Beep... due, in part, to the Toadboots incident.

I then received another text.

YES!  I texted back.  Duh. 

A few minutes later:
This photo grabbed me with its simple, sweet statement about their stolen time together.  The little feet, kicking happily as she inspected her new shoes, riding in the truck with her daddy.  Sweet, tiny rainbow sneakers tied carefully in clean white bows by his calloused, neat hands.

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