Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smooth Moves

So there I was, killing a few minutes at a book store... I walked past the used record bin and there, I saw something that has changed the arc of my life. 


How could I gaze at this record cover and remain the same Before & After person? 

Take a moment to ponder.  I'll wait...

When was this cool?  Was it ever cool?  Why are these people on the cover?  How did these maniacs even get access to the "15 Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Dance Hits"?  What did beige ever do to them?

It's just so.....  Incredibly.  Awkward.

Upon further reflection, I'm not sure our little friend Susie totally buys into this deal, either.

Someone please tell me they're mannequins.  

What marketing genius looked at this shot and thought "This will sell albums!" 

Oh, baby.  Check out that hip thrust, coupled with the tentative, crab-claw extending toward Susie's checked sweater. 
It really captures the feel of rock.

I was so profoundly affected by this album that I decided it's now my visual anthem.  I'm going to keep it close by.  It could be useful in so many situations. 

Around the water cooler, for example.

Joke falls flat?

Standing in front of my closet, trying to decide what to wear?
Or better yet, follow in Dan's fashion footsteps.
In a meeting, needing to seal a deal with a little fancy footwork?  You bet.

This totally made my day, and I hope it rings your bell, too.  So does Susie.

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