Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Twins!

Twins for Tabor, that is!

Not for me... No thank you.  One person per person, please.

Tabor, who was until recently kicking up her heels in the wide open yonder, returned home just in time.  She gave birth to two healthy fawns on Friday, which just happened to be my birthday! 

Cabbage told me she'd had the babies when her (formerly bulging and squirming) belly was empty Saturday morning.  She showed up at the barn during feeding time, ravenous and wanting attention.  As always, it was great to see she'd delivered safely.  Then we started the waiting game to anticipate when she'd bring her babies within sight, which we didn't expect to be for a week or two.  As with most deer, Tabor prefers to hide her babies somewhere safe, then come out to feed herself. 

This year, though, she gave me a special Mother's Day treat by bringing them by on Mother's Day!  Although just two days old they are strong and healthy, and just like their older siblings have white spots near their noses.  They're unbelievably cute!!! 

Beep was napping so she'll have to see them another time... but Cabbage and I were quite close and felt very fortunate Tabor decided to share her fawns with us.  We don't try to touch them as we're not trying to imprint them, though my fingers almost tingle with the memory of Tabor's tiny spindly legs and smooth, glossy spotted coat.  

Seeing the new fawns was my favorite Mother's Day gift this year!  Sorry Cabbage! :)

 Tabor with both babies (just beyond the wire fence)

 Fawn with Mama walking to the right

Fawn curled up at Mama's hind feet

Below is a video of Tabor walking away with the babies in tow (picture Cabbage and me gleefully holding our breaths and resisting the urge to hug and squeeze them).  At the beginning of the video, listen for Tabor's gutteral croak calling her fawns.  Enjoy!


  1. That is adorable. What a precious gift to see that - and to share with us; thank you. Of course your title brought me whipping over here to see whether you meant you. Whew!

  2. What a special trest, Birthday, Mother's Day all together. Te deer around our home are not as tame. Of coure you raised Tabor, so naturally she will come to you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OMG! If I could reach into the computer I would. How cute! They are so little. Tabor looks beautiful. Motherhood suits her well.


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