Monday, April 2, 2012

Because We're Not Redneck Enough

To start your day off right, I thought you'd like some perspective on how hip and cool you are.  To give a basis of comparison, let's review the tally of redneck attributes on Cabbage Ranch.  We have:
  • One cowboy
  • 18 pairs of boots, 15 of which are encrusted with dried mud at any given moment
  • One toddler who says "choo choo traaaaaayne" and "ahs craaaaayme"
  • Four horses with overgrown manes and occasional cactus stickers
  • Two horse trailers
  • One ATV
  • Multiple pickups and one grocery getter
  • One utility trailer (parked in full view of the house)
  • One ranch dog wearing tracks through the yard
  • One ranch cat leaving dead "presents" on the driveway
  • Many lizards, snails, and a growing bounty of bullfrogs attracted to our pool
Aaaaaand I found myself in the kitchen the other day, barefoot and pregnant. 

If that wasn't enough, Cabbage is getting an early start on showing Beep how to rope.

I think this means my yankee butt is officially outnumbered, yes?


  1. You lost your "Yankee Card" when you bought the utility trailer ;)

    1. What if Cabbage bought it on his own? (oh, wait... I married him of my own free will so that doesn't help me case much, does it?)

  2. Katie, I think you try to claim hold to your Yankee Card for really like it here, with us country folk. ;)

    1. I do like it! But I still place cheese as a high priority on my "Quality of Life" list.

  3. Oh goodness... I bet your little cutie gets all the "ahs craaaaayme" she wants!! LOL Awesome post, Katie! Hilarious ad happy life. : )

    I have a blogger friend who visits our little spot of redneck when she wants to see "mah goose" (her words, lvoe it)

  4. This is adorable. "ahs craaaaayme" - that is hilarious.

    1. I'm signing her up for speech therapy next week. ;) It is pretty cute.

  5. Wait until the new one gets to be Beep's age, then you will be outnumbered.


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