Friday, February 17, 2012

Dreaming Big

You guys... I am absolutely buried in work.  I'm talking at work by 5am, working till 9pm or later, every day of the week.  That is why as you may have noticed (hi, Mom!) I'm posting less often.  Please bear with me.  I'll be back full-speed soon.

Here's a thought for you in the meantime.  It's the only, singular thought I have left in my very tired, wrung-out brain.

While driving around work last night, I looked around and realized I made my childhood dreams come true. 

Once, I was a horse-crazy little girl and after many years and working hard every day, now I have a fine job in the horse industry working for an outstanding company.  That singular moment of clarity, of having done something great for myself and with my dreams, was a good moment.  It was like an out-of-body experience to see where I came from and where I am now. 

Wow, I thought.  I did it.

And then I realized my feet ached beyond belief, I was dog-tired, and I'd barely seen my family in a month. 

But it was still a good moment.

What were your childhood dreams?  What do you dream about today?  Do you ever have those out-of-body experiences giving you a perspective on where you've come from?


  1. Katie, I am so happy for you. My dream has come true also. I am a very happily married wife, mother and g'ma ( as the grndkds say). I could not ask for a better life with my best friend. It is worth all the scarifaces we make.

  2. Wow Katie! you had time to post on the eve of Sale weekend?!?! You ARE magical. ;) Just to let you know, every single time I see you at the grounds, no matter how busy you are, you take the time to say hi and smile to everyone...and that kindness and genuine sweet nature you have are wonderful things you share with everyone you come in contact with. We're almost done, 2/3 of it is past us now, so keep smiling, sweetie!


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