Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zipper Pouches

I put together a little present for a good friend, and was lucky enough to stumble across this great little zipper pouch in the gift store.  Use it as gift wrap, and that means no paper, tape, or ribbons are needed.  Plus, you'll have the cutest-looking present on any gift table.

Fully reusable, this little "Par Avion" (airmail) bag is made out of 95% post-consumer recycled material.  I bought it at a local store, but also found it online here.  They're under $6, which makes them about the same price as a disposable gift bag and other wrappings... but this one is more eco-friendly from start to finish.

It was also just the right size to hold a little necklace, a journal, and a set of pretty note cards.


[this post wasn't sponsored, I just really liked these little bags...]

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