Friday, November 11, 2011

The Snickering Parent: Halloween is All About Me

So now that we're almost halfway through November, I thought it was finally time to reveal Beep's 2011 Halloween costume. 

Because I'm prompt like that. 

But first, let's review 2010 so you have a basis for comparison.

2010: The Owl

2011: Garden Gnome!

2010's powers included flying noiselessly through the night.

2011's powers included... whatever a gnome can do.  (But at least she had a mushroom-themed candy bag.)

I'd like to take this moment to thank my daughter for allowing me to amuse myself via her costumes both this year and last.  I'd also like to remind her that I hope I can get one more self-serving costume before it's all fairy princesses and cowgirls.

Guys, this costume was super easy to make, and I'll be posting those ideas (I hesitate to call them instructions) soon. 

I'm hoping for a 2012 Gnome Revolution.  Viva la Gnome!


  1. To cute! Very original. You probably can get one more year of you deciding the costume. Good to see you in the picture too.

  2. Wow! Both of those costumes are awesome! What a cutie.
    I stumbled on your blog from YHL =)

  3. I love it! You are so original! these are so cute!

  4. OK, the gnome IS awesome and adorable but just one question... WHAT is standing behind you?!

  5. Behind me would be my husband... ready to scare young children at a haunted house. As you can tell, Beep was less than thrilled.


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